Agent reports new artifacts created on the system or network

Example (user tasking):

Any command is able to reply with its own artifacts that are created along the way. The following response can be returned as a separate C2 message or as part of the command's normal output.

The following response is part of the normal agent response. So, it is base64 encoded and put in the normal response format

Example (agent response):

    "task_id": "task uuid here",
    "user_output": "some user output here",
    "artifacts": [
            "base_artifact": "Process Create",
            "artifact": "sh -c whoami"
            "base_artifact": "File Write",
            "artifact": "/users/itsafeature/Desktop/notmalware.exe"


Agents can report back their own artifacts they create at any time. They just include an artifacts keyword with an array of the artifacts. There are two components to this:

  1. base_artifact is the type of base artifact being reported. If this base_artifact type isn't already captured in the "Global Configurations" -> "Artifact Types" page, then this base_artifact value will be created.

  2. artifact is the actual artifact being created. This is a free-form field.

Artifacts created this way will be tracked in Artifacts page (click the fingerprint icon at the top)

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