Mythic Documentation
Version 3.0


This page discusses how to register that commands are loaded/unloaded in a callback

Example Agent Response

"task_id": "task uuid here",
"user_output": "some user output here",
"commands": [
"action": "add",
"cmd": "shell"
"action": "add",
"cmd": "jsimport"


It's a common feature for agents to be able to load new functionality. Even within Mythic, you can create agents that only start off with a base set of commands and more are loaded in later. Using the commands keyword, agents can report back that commands are added ("action": "add") or removed ("action": "remove").
This is easily visible when interacting with an agent. When you start typing a command, you'll see an autocomplete list appear above the command prompt with a list of commands that include what you've typed so far. When you load a new command and register it back with mythic in this way, that new command will also appear in that autocomplete list.
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