FAQ / Troubleshooting Tips

This page will keep a running set of frequently asked questions or troubleshooting tips

Tried starting Mythic, but the mythic_postgres container keeps restarting.

This likely means that the postgres container can't bind to the port it needs. Check to make sure there isn't already something listening locally on 5432. If you're using Kali Linux, it's likely that metasploit is already using that port for its postgres database.

Started the default container, created a payload, but it's not connecting back.

This is likely just due to specifying the wrong IP/port somewhere. All of the C2 profile docker containers simply accept connections from agents, remove any special C2 magic that you're using, and redirect the actual agent message to your Mythic instance. Let's take the default profile as an example:

  • Say your main web UI is listening on

  • When creating your agent, you either need to specify a redirector IP/Domain and port, or specify your C2 profile docker container. Assuming you're connecting directly to the docker container, you'd specify your callback_host as and callback_port as 9000.

Your actual C2 flow would look like:

Agent -> Default Docker ( -> Mythic Main Server (

Trying to start Mythic, but getting a memory space error?

We've seen this a few times when people are on smaller VMs or pretty full VMs and are trying to include Poseidon. The Poseidon container is about 3.5GB currently since it contains the SDKs and information for cross compiling golang for macOS and Linux. We're working on making that container smaller and removing all the pieces we aren't using, but the easiest step here is to free up some room.