What are comments?

Comments are a single text description that can be added to any task, file, credential, etc in an operation. All members of the operation can see and modify the comment, but the last person that adds or modifies it will show up as the one that added it.

Where are they?

Comments can be found in many places throughout Mythic. On almost any page where you see a task and output, you'll be able to see task comments. These comments can be added by selecting the dropdown for the task status and selecting comment. When there is a comment, you can click the chat bubble icon to show/hide them.

Comments can be removed by either clicking the red trash icon or editing the comment to be a blank string "".

Searching Comments

Comments are a nice way to highlight certain tasks and output as important for later use, but just like everything else, they can easily get lost in an operation. When searching across any primary object on the search page (tasks, files, credentials, etc), you can opt to search by comment as well.

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