Mythic Documentation
Version 2.3

Offline Installation

How to install Mythic and agents in an offline environment
This guide will assume you can install Mythic on a box that has Internet access and then migrate to your offline testing/development environment.


  1. 1.
    Install Mythic following the normal installation
  2. 2.
    With Mythic running, install any other agents or profiles you might need/want.
sudo ./mythic-cli install github
3. Export your docker containers. Make sure you also save the tags.
docker save $(docker images -q) -o mythic_images.tar
docker images | sed '1d' | awk '{print $1 " " $2 " " $3}' > mythic_tags
4. Download donut from pypi. (this is apollo specific, so there might be others depending on your agent)
mkdir Payload_Types/apollo/depends
pip3 download donut -d Payload_Types/apollo/depends
Download Apollo dependencies (apollo specifically installs these dynamically within the Docker container at build-time, so pre-fetch these)
wget -O Payload_Types/apollo/depends/fody.2.0.0.nupkg
wget -O Payload_Types/apollo/depends/costura.fody.1.6.2.nupkg
5. Tar Mythic directoy.
tar cfz mythic.tar.gz /Mythic
6. Push mythic_images.tar, mythic_tags, and mythic.tar.gz to your offline box.
7. Import docker images and restore tags.
docker load -i mythic_images.tar
while read REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE_ID; do echo "== Tagging $REPOSITORY $TAG $IMAGE_ID =="; docker tag "$IMAGE_ID" "$REPOSITORY:$TAG"; done < mythic_tags
8. Extract Mythic directory.
tar xfz mythic.tar.gz
cd mythic
9. Update Apollo's Dockerfile (at the time of use, it might not be 0.1.1 anymore, check Current PayloadType Versions the latest). This is apollo specific, so you might need to copy in pieces for other agents/c2 profiles depending on what components they dynamically try to install.
from itsafeaturemythic/csharp_payload:0.1.1
COPY ["depends/donut-0.2.2.tar.gz", "donut-0.2.2.tar.gz"]
COPY ["depends/costura.fody.1.6.2.nupkg", "costura.fody.1.6.2.nupkg"]
COPY ["depends/fody.2.0.0.nupkg", "fody.2.0.0.nupkg"]
RUN /usr/local/bin/python3.8 -m pip install /donut-0.2.2.tar.gz
RUN mkdir /mythic_nuget
RUN nuget sources add -name mythic_nuget -source /mythic_nuget
RUN nuget sources disable -name
RUN nuget add /fody.2.0.0.nupkg -source /mythic_nuget
RUN nuget add /costura.fody.1.6.2.nupkg -source /mythic_nuget
10. Start Mythic
sudo ./mythic-cli start
Normally, Mythic containers will try to re-build every time you bring them down and back up. This might not be great for an offline environment. The configuration variable, REBUILD_ON_START, can be set to false to tell Mythic that the containers should specifically NOT be rebuilt when restarted.