3. OPSEC Checks

OPSEC scripting

When creating payloads, Mythic will send a C2 Profile's parameters to the associated C2 Profile container for an "opsec check". This is a function that you can choose to write (or not) to look over the C2-specific parameter values that an operator selected to see if they pass your risk tolerance. This function is part of your C2 Profile's class definition:

async def opsec(self, request: C2ProfileBase.C2OPSECMessage):
    response = C2ProfileBase.C2OPSECMessageResponse(Success=True)
    return response

In the end, the function is returning success or error for if the OPSEC check passed or not.

When is this executed?

OPSEC checks for C2 profiles are executed every time a Payload is created. This means when an operator does it through the UI, when somebody scripts it out, and when a payload is automatically generated as part of tasking (such as for lateral movement or spawning new callbacks).

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