Mythic Documentation
Version 2.3


Where is it?

Credentials can be found from the "Operational Views" -> "Credentials" page on the top navigation bar.

How is it integrated?

As part of command output, credentials can be registered automatically if the agent parses out the material. Otherwise, users can also manually register credentials. There are a few pieces of information required:
  • The type of credential - This is more for situational awareness right now, but in the future will help the flow of how to treat the credential before use.
  • Account - the account this credential applies to
  • Realm - the domain for the credential or a generic realm in case this is a credential for something else. If the account is a local account, the Domain is the name of the computer.
  • Credential - the actual credential
  • Comment - any comment you want to store about the credential
On this page you can also see the task that created credentials (which can be Manual Entry ), who added in the credential, and when it was added.

Integration into issuing commands

Command parameters can hook into this for auto populating by selecting which data they're interested in and then further manipulating it if they want. There are a few different Credential-X parameter types that can be selected to provide either all of the fields (JSON style) or for specific components (Realm, Account, Credential, etc).


Tasks can register credentials with the server in their responses by following Credentials format.
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