4. Configuration Checks

Check Agent's Configuration Before Generation

What is this?

Configuration checks are optional checks implemented by a C2 profile to alert the operator if they're generating an agent with a C2 configuration that doesn't match the current C2 docker services.

When does this happen?

This check occurs every time an agent is generated, and this output is added to the payload's build_message. Thus, an operator sees it when generating a payload, but it's always viewable again from the created payloads page.

What does it look like?

The function is part of your C2 Profile's class definition, so it has access to your local config.json file as well as the instance configuration from the agent.

async def config_check(request: C2ProfileBase.C2ConfigCheckMessage) -> C2ProfileBase.C2ConfigCheckMessageResponse:
    return C2ProfileBase.C2ConfigCheckMessageResponse(
        Message="Some configuration check message",