Mythic Documentation
Version 3.0

Operational Pieces

This section will highlight a few of the pieces of Mythic that operators are most likely to use on a daily basis.
  • Browser Scripts - use JavaScript to transform your command output into tables, buttons, links, and more
  • Active Callbacks - the main operational page for interacting with callbacks, also allows you to see graph/tree views of your callbacks
  • Files - view the uploads and downloads for the operation
  • Search - search commands, command parameters, and command output across the operation
  • Credentials - view/comment/edit/add credentials for your operation
  • Expanded Callbacks - this allows you to view callbacks as the full screen so that you have more operational screen space
  • Screencaptures - all of the screencaptures throughout the operation can be viewed and downloaded here
  • Event Feed - view all of the events going on throughout an operation (new payloads, new callbacks, users signing in, etc) as well as a basic chat program to send messages to all operators in the operation
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