Every command is different – some take no parameters, some take arrays, strings, integers, or a number of other things. To help accommodate this, you can add parameters to commands so that operators know what they need to be providing. You must give each parameter a name and they must be unique within that command. You can also indicate if the parameter is required or not.

Parameters can be in conditional parameter "groups" - this allows you to say things like parameter X and parameter Y are mutually exclusive, but you should always supply parameter W. As an operator, if there are any parameter groups for a command and you don't provide enough parameters to determine which group to use, Mythic will throw a warning and ask you to use shift + enter to force the modal popup. From here, there's a dropdown at the top to change the group you're looking at to see which parameters to enter.

If a command takes named parameters, but none are supplied on the command line, a GUI modal will pop up to assist the operator.

There is no absolute requirement that the input parameters be in JSON format, it's just recommended.

In order to modify the command or any of its components, you need to modify the corresponding python class in the Payload Type container.

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