Next Release

What's planned for the next release (2.1)?

  • Tracking of Sleep information in the UI somehow
  • Python script to interact with tasking/websockets/responses
    • Write the code
    • Document its usage
  • Stricter C2 profile parameter checks when building payloads
  • Move KillDate out of C2 profile parameter into Payload BuildParameter
  • Documentation on how to support 3rd party agents into Mythic
    • Agent Installer script to pull in 3rd party agents via GitHub into your Mythic instance
    • Documentation on what format the GitHub repo/release must follow
      • Should include: Payload_Type code, C2 Profile code (if any), Documentation Docker container code for all pieces
  • Display badge count for unresolved warning events in current operation
  • Allow users to send messages as "warning" messages that need resolution
  • Restrict downloading of payloads to the same "allow block" as the /login, /auth, /register endpoints

How can I submit something to be added in the next release?

  • Open up a feature request on the Mythic github page (
  • Ask for it in the #mythic slack channel in the public Bloodhound slack
Last modified 8mo ago