Mythic Documentation
Version 2.3

Basic Information

Built-in Commands

All PayloadTypes get 3 commands for free - clear , set, help. The reason these three commands are 'free' is because they don't actually make it down to the agent itself. Instead, they cause actions to be taken on the Mythic server.


The clear command does just that - it clears tasks that are sitting in the queue waiting for an agent to pick them up. It can only get tasks that are in the submitted stage, not ones that are already to the processing stage because that means that an agent has already requested it.
clear - entering the command just like this will clear the last task you entered
clear all - entering the command just like this will clear all tasks you've entered on that callback that are in the appropriate stages.
clear # - entering the command just like this will attempt to clear the task indicated by the number after clear.
If a command is successfully cleared by this command before an agent can get to it, then that task will get an automated response stating that it was cleared and which operator cleared it. The clear task itself will get back a list of all the tasks it cleared.


The set command allows you to set certain properties on a callback:
set description [some description here] - this allows you to adjust the description for a callback for all operators
set description reset - this will reset the description back to the default tag value specified when creating the associated payload


The help command allows users to get lists of commands that are currently loaded into the agent with just help along with basic descriptions, and allows users to get more detailed command information via help [command]. These commands look at the loaded commands for a callback and looks at the backing Python files for the command to give information about usage, command parameters, and elevation requirements.